Actionable Insights for Banking and Finance

Ganda is our machine learning predictive analytics platform that extends contemporary reporting and analytics capabilities with the ability to model and correlate banking customer activity and sentiment trends.

Adapting to the New Paradigm


The financial services and banking industry is transitioning to an experience economy where success will be derived from rapid turnaround to tailored financial and banking products for customers. known as Semantic Banking.

The semantic banking & financial model is defined by millions of short transitions or events, each being more predictable and easier to secure.

With Ganda, institutions can better meet a specific consumer’s needs. Each event will have its unique banking and finance signature, maximising returns whilst increasing customer experience and satisfaction.

Ganda enables the analysis and prediction of these events allowing a deeper and fluid understanding of unique customer needs.



Intelligent behavioral analysis

Our platform improves insights and foresight, to better serve your existing customers, and grow the overall customer base through the application of the following:

predictive analytical dimensions


Interaction analysis and prediction through casually and seasonality models


Sentiment analysis and predictive via heuristic repetition and natural language processing (NLP) analysis

Fiscal Responsiblity

Dynamic risk analysis and prediction using comparative value system correlation with statistical models.

predictive analytical dimensions

Fiscal Journey

Analysis and Recommendation of financial products and services using individualised value chains

Ganda Focus Areas

Sentiment analysis can improve detection and prediction of customer behaviour across  across a range of key customer experience products and services:


3-dimensional models of customers that go beyond 100 points of ID and simple transaction history

AML & Fraud

Adaptive fraud detection systems that get smarter as the methods of fraud get more sophisticated


Heading off cases before requiring collections, or creating pragmatic and individualised payment plans

Credit Decisioning

Improved lending experience via more granular risk analysis and customised product offerings