30% of your cloud annual spending is wasted due to lack of optimisation

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Our Cloud Optimisation service directly addresses the performance per dollar equation for organisations. In most cases, the expenses associated with the optimisation efforts are recovered through cloud savings in the first year.

The Crystal Delta cloud optimisation triage process is effective at meeting cost saving targets for cloud applications, during migration or at any time after migrating applications to the cloud.

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Application optimisation triage process

Crystal Delta has developed a cloud optimisation triage process that has been deployed on large and small projects to improve cost-performance of applications in the cloud.

The flexible process can work with any specified performance or cost saving goals, and strike a balance of optimisation costs and ROI.

Migrate Application Cloud Triage

Cloud Optimisation What to expect

Replatforming requires moderate effort and is where are significant cost savings are delivered. It requires rearchitecting the application to take advantage of the growing portfolio of cloud PaaS offerings.

Refining is the easiest to implement and provides the smallest gains. It derives optimisation through the reduction of over-provisioning.

Refactoring is the most challenging of optimisation options, but is the one that delivers the highest returns of performance, flexibility and efficiency. It requires the redesigning of the application to behave more like a cloud-native application.

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