Cloud & DevOps Methodology.

Crystal Delta combines its DevOps and Cloud Capibilities with its Product Development Capibilities to help banking and finance institutions to better meet market driven challanges and challangers.


Optimise Your Development Cycle

Speed of time to market

Execution with confidence, transparency & predictability

Shorten time to recovery

Increased team collaboration

Early values

Enable development best practices

Shorten QA cycle


Full Scope Solution Delivery

Embedded in our teams is delivering Quality at Speed with a variety of methods including Hands on Architechture, Test Driven Design, Build to Run, Value Chain Mapping, Change Management, Automated Testing and Report & Operational Analytics. 

Product Capability

Platform Strategy

Continuous Delivery Approach

Microservices Expertise

DevOps Engineering Service

Leverging this service, customers are able to develop applications that are not available in the market or are to expensive and overly complex. Business values through a positive customer experience. 








Cloud systems allow for deployment, scaling and cost flexibility.


The right coding language for the solution. We keep our proficiencies up to date.

Test Driven

Features get tested during development and are ready earlier.


All code, data and systems are secure. Reducing Risk.


DevOps Tooling Service

Crystal Delta DevOps Tooling Service, clients can get a best in class tool chain that has already been project tested in many organizations.

Cloud Migration Services

Crystal Delta migrations services is set up to assist organisations that have one or more applications that are potential candidates to be migrated. Improve application performance and resiliance.



Experienced AWS Architects and Engineers

Highly Efficient Containerised Environments

Enabling AWS Migration via refactoring

High Performance DevOps practice and expertise


Cloud Auditing Service

Crystal Delta’s Cloud Auditing service provides clients with an independent assessment of their cloud applications architecture in order to gain insights in cloud architecture optimisations that are available for improved performance, and where potential cost savings can be found to increase efficiency.

Cloud Management Services

Crystal Delta offers a Cloud Management service so that customers can keep on top of platform and application patching and performance management.

Through this service customers can have access the below features:


Cloud Maintenance

We can start by managing cloud deployed platform patching and application .performance.

Online Support

We can enable multi-dimensional monitoring of all operational and performance aspects. 

Featured Client Story

Top Tier Australian Bank


Client Challenges

Monolithic core banking platform built on top of outdated Technologies and not able to adapt to rapidly changing business and customer needs.

Our Solution

Modern responsive frontend Banker experience backend by micro-services deployed in a multi-cloud environment using Our DevOps capabilities with a Build to run focus.


Client Benefit

Fast and flexible “start Up” practices blended with enterprise structure and governance to offer an enhanced Banker User experience for loan Origination processes.